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D-Link DES-3526 Managed Stackable Layer 2 Switch

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D-Link DES-3526 Managed Stackable Layer 2 Switch

D-Link's des-3526 is a high-performance, managed, stackable layer 2 switch that provides an ideal solution for workgroups and departments. The d-link single ip management (sim) allows to cluster up a virtual stack of up to 32 des-3526 and/or des-3550 dispersed switches with fewer distance limitation through a single ip address. The clustering environment spans buildings, making it perfect for business that requires multiple building deployment. The (24) 10/100mbps fast ethernet ports allow desktops to access network resources through flexible 2 gig uplinks. The entire virtual stack can be managed via a single ip address for simplified network administration. High-performance, high availability l2 switching utilizing an 8.8Gbps switch capacity and support for 8,000 mac addresses, the des-3526 stackable layer 2 switch is a wire-speed, high performance switch ideal for workgroups or departments. The des-3526 supports port trunking with up to 6 trunk groups with 2 to 8 ports in each group per stack. Port trunking enables business users to increase availability and aggregated bandwidth between servers and/or other switches, optimizing the transport of business critical data. The des-3526 can utilize either the 10/100mbps or the 1 gbps port to interconnect up to 32 units within a virtual stack. Investment protection by widely supporting ieee approved specifications, the des-3526 stackable layer 2 switch leverages your existing investment in a multi-vendor environment, while maximizing compatibility of mission critical features such as, spanning tree (802.1D), qos (802.1P/diffserv/tcp&udp port number), vlans (802.1Q), and network management (snmp/rmon/bootp/telnet/web). The des-3526's robust support of standards-based network management protocols (snmp/rmon/bootp/ telnet/web/tftp) and port mirroring enables the des-3526 to be easily integrated into many third-party network management packages. Advanced enterprise features the des-3526 stackable layer 2 switch brings advanced enterprise functions to a more affordable level while supporting advanced features: d-link single ip mangement, dual images, l2/l3/l4 (qos), 802.1X (port-based authentication), 802.1X (mac-based authentication)igmp snooping, 802.1W (rapid spanning tree), 802.1S (multiple spanning tree group), 802.3Ad (link aggregation), and 802.1Q (vlans). L2/l3/l4 (acls) can be configured based on: protocol type, 802.1P, dscp, mac address, ip address, and/or tcp/upd port number. These features facilitate the deployment of enterprise applications such as: voip, streaming media, and multicast content delivery (ip video conferencing and software deployment).
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