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Extron MTP T SV a - RCA Twisted Pair Transmitter

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Extron MTP T SV a - RCA Twisted Pair Transmitter

Extron MTP T SV A and MTP T SV A RCA twisted pair transmitters provide active, balanced transmission of S-video and audio signals, delivering superior image quality long distances over a single twisted pair cable. The MTP T SV A accepts balanced or unbalanced stereo audio on a 5 pole captive screw connector, while the MTP T SV A RCA model accepts unbalanced stereo audio on RCA connectors. The s-video input on both models is a 4-pin mini DIN connector. The active, balanced S-video and audio signals are output to a single CAT 5, 5e, or 6 cable, and when coupled with an MTP R SV A Series receiver, the pair is capable of sending the S-video and audio signals 1,000 feet (300 meters) or more.

Both the MTP T SV A and MTP T SV A RCA are configurable for either mono audio, which is the default setting, or stereo audio transmission, depending on the application needs. Remote power capability requires only the transmitter or the receiver to be powered for point to point applications. The compact, 1U, one-eighth rack width design of the MTP SV A Series maximizes rack space, enabling up to eight units to fit on a single rack shelf. The one-eighth rack width design can also accommodate various mounting options such as Extron pole mount brackets, under-desk mounting kit, and the Extron MBB 100, Back of Rack Mounting Kit, providing increased installation flexibility.

Transmitters are also available in our double space AAP and PowerCage modular board design. The PowerCage modular board design allows for as many as 16 transmitters to be populated in the PowerCage 1600 enclosure, reducing installation time and simplifying power management. The MTP T SVA AAP, double space AAP Architectural Adapter Plate is ideal for various architectural mounting needs, such as in Extron HSA Hideaway Surface Access Enclosures and Cable Cubby Furniture-Mountable Enclosures or for providing connectivity options in floor box installations.

The MTP T SV A and MTP T SV A RCA transmitters are compatible with the Extron MTP family of twisted pair receivers, switchers, matrix switchers, and distribution amplifiers, the most comprehensive line of twisted pair products in the industry. Because of their compact size and their use of light, flexible, and inexpensive twisted pair cable for distribution, MTP AV and MTP SV A Series transmitters and receivers offer considerable advantages in cost, performance, and ease of installation.

*Transmits S-video and audio signals 1,000 feet (300 meters) or more over a single CATx cable
  • Active, balanced transmission of S-video and audio signals Provides superior image quality for long cable runs
  • Configurable for mono or stereo audio transmission
  • Rack-mountable, 1U, one-eighth rack width metal enclosure Maximizes rack space, enabling up to eight units to mount on a single rack shelf.
  • Versatile mounting options Provides increased installation flexibility.
  • LED power indicators on front and rear
  • Highly reliable, energy-efficient external universal power supply included. Provides worldwide power compatibility, with high demonstrated reliability and low power consumption for reduced operating costs.

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