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PrehKeyTec MCI 111 First-class alphanumeric keyboard

39 39 x gezien 0 0 x bewaard sinds 25 feb. '21, 20:39

PrehKeyTec MCI 111 First-class alphanumeric keyboard

Op aanvraag
39 39 x gezien 0 0 x bewaard sinds 25 feb. '21, 20:39
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Conditie : Nieuw
Toetsenbordindeling : Qwerty
Verbinding : Draadloos
Eigenschappen : Ergonomisch


PrehKeyTec MC111 alfa, MSL, USB, zwart

Toetsenbord, alfanumeriek, incl.: OCR, magneetstriplezer, USB (2.0), protection class: IP54, zwart

PrehKeyTec MCI 111

First-class alphanumeric keyboard

The PrehKeyTec GmbH is an international leading manufacturer of high-quality data entry systems. With the passport reader keyboard MCI 111, PrehKeyTec expands its professional series of modular standard keyboards with a top class alphanumeric model. The compact dimensions and the ergonomic design guarantee a wide range of applications.

With the MCI 111 you will now save an enormous amount of time on applications in which personal identification information is currently still being processed by hand. Using the integrated OCR reader you scan OCR-B data from machine-readable passports and identification cards, which are of particular importance for access control, leasing, rental and hotel applications. Standardised travel documents are read at two lines per 44 characters, two lines per 36 characters or three lines per 30 characters. The compact keyboard also offers tremendous payment transaction services: customer information from EC cards as well as Visa or MasterCard are directly transferred. Wherever scanning of machine-readable data is required, the MCI 111 from PrehKeyTec is the optimum choice.

The combination of OCR and magnetic stripe reader offers the user an effective working method. All three tracks of the magnetic card, as well as the information of the inserted documents are read in milliseconds. Through the bi-directional opening, the user passes the receipts through both sides of the scanner, while the ergonomic design allows for fast and error-free handling.

The MCI 111 distinguishes itself mainly through its high flexibility and its extreme reliability, particularly ijn demanding applications. A life cycle of a minimum of thirty million strokes per key position guarantees you successful operation for years. On the front side, the patented keypad is dust and splash proof according to IP54 and fulfils all requirements for hospitality, retail, or access control applications.

In terms of connection and configuration, the compact keyboard from PrehKeyTec will truly convince you: a single USB cable transmits all data and supplies the magnetic stripe and OCR readers with the required power. The virtual COM interface control provides you with an open architecture for the query option of the applications. The Flash memory USB is freely programmable; all OPOS and JAVA POS drivers are pre-installed in the keyboard.

Corresponding with the compact design, the keyboard with dimensions of only 376 x 52 x 220 mm fits perfectly even in cramped areas. It is available in modern black and thus ideally suitable for all POS environments, as well as trendy shop and reception areas.

For an individualised and professional look, choose laser-cut key caps for PrehKeyTec keyboards in different colours, even for small quantities of key sets (50 keys).

• Compact keyboard with integrated passport and magnetic stripe reader

• Error-free scanning of personal data using high-end OCR reader

• Alphanumeric key layout for nearly all applications

• Ergonomic design for long, fatigue-free use

• Patented key layout with IP54 protection against dust and splash

MCI 111 A Professional OCR reader keyboard

This alphanumeric keyboard is the ideal solution for fast and clear input of machinereadable data. Up to three independent readers provide the user with support for fast data entry. The OCR reader for reading ID and similar documentation, the magnetic card reader for reading credit cards or access cards. The ergonomic design has been selected to achieve optimum adaptation to human motor function. The two internal readers operate bidirectionally, so that documents and cards can be fed through the reader in both directions. This means that the input device is ergonomic and easy-to-use for both right and left-handed users.

This keyboard is the ideal solution in all situations in which fast recording of ID documents and credit card documentation is required. Example applications are airline check-in, car rental, rental of valuable items, hotel check-in, and skiing equipment rentals.

• 3-track magnetic card reader

• MSR IATA FOID compliant (optional)

• OCR reader (OCR-B; other fonts available on request)

• Glide point

• Amadeus, Arinc, Resa, Sita, Travelsky and Ultra certifed

• Status indicator for good/poor reading

• Buzzer for acoustic feedback

• IP 54 spill-water and dust protection

MCI 111 A Technical Data

OCR reader

• Power supply via USB 5V+- 5%

• Power consumption < 500 mA

• USB interface

• Control via virtual COM interface

• Bi-directional document feed

• Reads OCR-B data from machine-readable passports with 2 lines
and maximum of 44 characters

• Reads machine-readable visas with 2 lines and max. 44 characters or 2 lines with 36 characters

• Reads machine-readable travel documents with 2 lines and 36 characters, or 3 lines and 30 characters

Magnetic card reader

• Bi-directional card swipe

• Reads track 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with ISO 7810, ISO 7811

• Additional configuration: AAMVA,CADL
• Parameters can be adjusted using WinProgrammer (header and

• Magnetic head can perform over 500,000 read cycles

• IATA FOID compliant (Masking of credit-card data)

PC connection


Keyboard electronics

• Freely programmable USB flash memory

• DB 9 connector for serial scanners (option)

4 status indicators


Radio interference

The device complies with the limit values of the following standards with regard to radio interference:
1. EN 55022
2. FCC part 15, limit class A


• Glidepad

• USB Port for external mouse

• Statistic counters for good/bad reads, operating hours, most used keys etc.

• Colored keys

• Different country layouts and fonts e.g. Cyrillic, Asian etc.

• Encryption

• Remote diagnostic, online support (requires SLA)

Alle modellen:

- PrehKeyTec MC111 alfa, MSL, USB, zwart (prehmci111 - 90328-500/1815)

Toetsenbord, alfanumeriek, incl.: OCR, magneetstriplezer, USB (2.0), protection class: IP54, zwart

Service opties
-FullCover (+ 18%)

Prijs op aanvraag

Garantie: 12 maanden fabrieksgarantie

Prijzen zijn in Euro, exclusief BTW en onder voorbehoud.
Drukfouten voorbehouden.

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Administratiekantoor Ritmeester is uw specialist in administraties en automatisering.

Administratiekantoor Ritmeester is het enige administratiekantoor in Nederland dat de unieke expertises op het gebied van administraties en automatisering met elkaar combineert.

Dit geldt voor allerlei software waaronder ook boekhoudpakketten en de verkoop van nieuwe en gebruikte computers; servers, workstations, notebooks, monitoren, printers en Point of Sale producten e.v.a. artikelen, componenten.

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Bestelling van grote aantallen nieuwe PrehKeyTec MCI 111 tegen scherpe prijzen.

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In afwachting van uw reactie,

Met vriendelijke groet,

Administratiekantoor Ritmeester

- HP Business Partner -

BTW/VAT: NL002143123B28
KvK/Chamber of Commerce: 32092056
Opgericht/Established: 01-07-2002

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Maarten Ritmeester

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