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Bellman visit 868 alarm clock, model BE1500 ( nieuw )

14 14 x gezien 2 2 x bewaard sinds 21 mei '20, 14:20

Bellman visit 868 alarm clock, model BE1500 ( nieuw )

€ 65,00
14 14 x gezien 2 2 x bewaard sinds 21 mei '20, 14:20
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Conditie : Nieuw


Nieuw en ongebruikt, zonder doos en zonder beschrijving.

The Bellman Visit 868 System consists of a number of radio transmitters and receivers. The transmittersdetect different events in the surrounding area and transmit a radio signal to the receivers. The receiverspick up this signal and provide indications using light, sound and/or vibration.The transmitter determines what type of light, sound or vibration should be displayed so that the reason forthe indication is evident.Read through the entire user manual first and then start to install the system.Refer to the illustration of the Bellman Visit 868 System on the inside of the cover.Getting startedUnpacking, installing and testing the unit1. Connect the power supply unit to the socket (16). The Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock must be connected to mains powerfor at least 24 hours in order to operate correctly. Set the correct time with the Time Setting Knob (15).2. Switch on the alarm with the Alarm Dial (9) by turning it to position 1. Turn the alarm pointer anticlockwise using theAlarm Call Knob (14) until the alarm on the clock is activated. The Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock will then emit sound andlight signals and, if a BE1270 Bellman Bed-shaker (accessory) is connected, it will vibrate. Press the Snooze Button (8). Thebackground light on the clock face will come on at the same time as the alarm is switched off. The snooze function delays thealarm call for approximately 3.5 minutes. The Alarm Dial (9) is switched to position 0 to switch off the alarm completely.3. A Bellman Visit 868 transmitter is required to test the radio reception. Press the Test Button on the Bellman Visit 868Transmitter. The Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock will then emit sound and light signals and, if a BE1270 Bellman Bed-shaker(accessory) is connected, it will vibrate.4. Place the Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock upright on a level surface. The Alarm Clock is usually placed near the bed but itcan also be placed somewhere else where it can easily be seen and heard. You can also easily take your Alarm Clock with youwherever you go.FunctionGeneralThe BE1500 Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock is a combined Alarm Clock and receiver within the Bellman Visit 868 Systemfor indoor use, which attracts the attention of the user using sound and light signals and also vibration if a BE1270 BellmanBed-shaker (accessory) is connected.It is activated by the clock's alarm, by radio signals from one of the transmitters within the Bellman Visit System, byconnection to an external trigger input or via direct connection to a telephone socket.Radio KeyOn delivery all Bellman Visit 868 units are tuned to the same Radio Key. If you have a neighbour with a similar system, youcan change to different Radio Keys so that you do not affect each other's systems.The Radio Key on this receiver can be changed by holding down the Snooze Button (8) for about five seconds until the LEDs(4) and (5) blink alternately. Then press the transmitter's test button so that the receiver's LEDs (3 - 6) blink to confirm thatthe Radio Key has been changed. All units in a Bellman Visit 868 System must have the same Radio Key in order to operateas a group. Refer to the user manual for the relevant unit.ClockThe Bellman Visit 868 Alarm Clock will indicate an alarm call via sound, flash and vibration for up to 15 minutes unless the
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