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1962 Fender Twin Vintage Tube Amp

661 x gezien 13 x bewaard sinds 01 feb. '19, 14:19
€ 3.000,00


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€ 12,71


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1962 Fender Twin Vintage Tube Amp Brownface Blonde Pre-CBS 2x12 Jensen.
For sale a 1962 Fender Twin in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Fender's premier tube combo amp in the Pre-CBS Brownface era, the Twin featured an identical chassis to their largest piggyback Fender amp, the Showman. A 2x12 affair with green frame Jensen speakers and 80 watts of power via a quad of matched Tung Sol small bottle 6L6 power tubes, this Twin is a powerhouse. The cleans are big, bold, and warm, with a huge range from the EQ controls and Fender's famed Harmonic Vibrato circuit. Unlike traditional tremolo (volume modulation), this circuit has true pitch shifting vibrato with Leslie-esque warbles and thick, pulsating swirls. The perfect middle ground between the dynamic, saturated tones of the earlier Tweed era amps and the clarity and shimmering cleans of the later Blackface line, this Showman has a very warm and nuanced sound, with absolutely giant transformers that keep the low end thick and focused.

The cabinet is brand new and built to vintage spec by Mojotone with rough blonde tolex, solid pine baffle, and oxblood grillcloth. The cab is fitted with genuine Fender hardware including nickel corners, dogbone handle, chassis straps, and chrome tilt-back legs. The Jensen speakers are both genuine vintage USA-made speakers with one alnico P12PS and one cermaic C12PS. Both speakers have clean green frames, original bell covers, and Jensen foil labels.

The circuit has been fully serviced and recapped, with new bypass capacitors and new filter caps as well. The majority of the original famed Ajax blue molded tone caps are intact, providing the sweetness, clarity, and balance found with vintage Fender preamps. All of the stock pots and carbon comp resistors are present as well, along with original cloth wiring. The amp boasts a quad of brand new matched Tung Sol 5881 (6L6) power tubes as well as a host of vintage and newer valves in the preamp. The original transformers are all intact, with the absolutely massive output transformer often known as the "Dick Dale" transformer, spec'd to be cleaner and more powerful than any Fender transformer that preceded it. The original faceplate is in great shape with all of the stock cream barrel knobs.

This Twin is thoroughly serviced with all original transformers, fresh power tubes, vintage Jensen speakers, and a new Mojotone cab made to vintage spec.
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