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Auerswald COMfortel 2500 ISDN telefoon

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Auerswald COMfortel 2500 ISDN telefoon

Connectable with Auerswald telephone systems

  • Automatic identification of type of connection (S0 or UP0)
  • Energy saving function up to 50 % energy saving
  • Power via connection with system
  • Large graphic display with automatic switch of on/off screen illumination
  • Keypad with high-contrast caption and sensible pressure point
  • Ergonomic receiver
  • Headset connection with DHSG support of cordless headsets, also suitable for COMfortel headset
  • USB-port for direct programming of the telephone functions and for UMS-/CTI-applications
  • SD-slot for voicemail function
  • Adjustable menu language
  • Extensions of keypad "COMfortel Xtension30" can be connected*. The COMfortel 2500 is designed for the following Auerswald telephone systems:
  • COMpact 2204 USB, COMpact 2206 USB, COMpact 4410 USB, COMpact 4406 DSL
  • COMpact 5010 VoIP, COMpact 5020 VoIP
  • COMmander Basic, COMmander Basic 19"
  • COMmander Basic.2, COMmander Basic.2 19"
  • COMmander Business, COMmander Business 19"
  • The features of COMfortel 2500: available connections:
  • 1 So- and UP0 port to the telephone system (registered jack)
  • Automatic recognition of the type of connection
  • Electricity supply via system port (S0/ UP0)
  • 1 module port for max. 3 additional modules COMfortel Xtension30
  • Headset connection with DHSG support, also suitable for COMfortel headset
  • 1 slot for SD memory card
  • 1 USB port for integrated ISDN PC-adapter and for programming
  • 1 connection for optional power supply, only necessary with COMfortel Xtension30
  • Supported ISDN-performance characteristics:
  • All ISDN-performance characteristics of the telephone system

  • Graphic display with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Automatic background light (white) with adjustable brightness and connection time
  • Symbol or text for display of settings
  • Time, date and week displayed, also during conversation
  • Charges and units displayed
  • Status information, e.g. mute function, call diversion, speakerphone
  • Complete line of communications2
  • Softkey functions (depending on situation) displayed
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Greek
  • USB-port:
  • TAPI 2.1 for CTI (telephone)
  • CAPI 2.0 for UMS fax (e.g. with COMsuite) answering machine (e.g. with COMsuite) hardware configuration
  • NDIS-WAN driver for internet access (channel bundling with up to 128 Kbit/s)
  • Telephone book and callers list:
  • Access to central telephone book800 entries in the telephone, max. 4 numbers per name
  • Search for names in central telephone book of the telephone system and of the telephone
  • 210 speed dial numbers programmable1
  • Caller identification (CLIP/CNIP) from the local and central telephone book of the system
  • Callers list of the last 30 missed calls with number, name, own number, date and time
  • Central callers list for groups2
  • List of conversations of the last 30 calls with number, name, own number, date and time
  • Redialling of the last 30 numbersTransfer from callers list, conversation list and redialling list into local telephone book
  • Power Dialling, automatic redialling
  • Comfortable editing of telephone book with software COMfortel Set (local) and COMtools (central)
  • Security functions:
  • Telephone lock, emergency calls still possible
  • Administration lock with password
  • Block of single functions possible
  • Management of charges:
  • Charging of the last call/all calls
  • Tarif units adjustable
  • System- and comfort-features:
  • Energy-saving function activated automatically because of time, keypress or depending on configuration
  • Direct dial key and busy lamp field1
  • Hold function1 with the telephone systems COMpact 4406 DSL / 4410 USB / 5020 VoIPVoIP and COMmander Basic / Basic.2 / Business
  • Line keys with display of state of participants1
  • Targeted allocation of MSNs/DDIs
  • Door- and switch-function of the telephone system on the display or on the control keys1
  • Provider displayed (with Soft-LCR easy and Soft-LCR 4 in the telephone system)2
  • Control keys for administrating the functions of the system1
  • Group and team function, login-key for group and team membership1
  • Macro function, complex functions with one keypress
  • Call-diversion directly via direct dial keys1
  • 8 softkeys for special functions of the telephone, depending on situation
  • Call safety (telephone muted)
  • Call diversion without answering it before (Call Deflection)2
  • Choice of ringtone during call
  • Dialling preparation/correction
  • 16 ringtones, individual melodies via PC-software
  • Extended differentiation of call, e.g. own numbers or group
  • Automatic speakerphone with an extension telephone programmable (InterCom)
  • Announcement to the system telephones (InterCom)
  • Speakerphone function
  • Adjustable volume of ringtones, receiver and speakerphone
  • Microphone mute
  • Voicemail function:4
  • Compatible with SD-cards with up to 2 gigabyteHandling via control keys of the telephone
  • Recording and memo function
  • Answering of call and announcement depending on caller, time and type of call (anonymous/group/extern/intern/door)Message diversion
  • Remote query with recognition of number

Installation and maintenance:
  • Automatic recognition of S0/ UP0 port
  • Comfortable configuration with the software COMfortel
  • Adjustable extent of menu
  • Configuration via USB port of the telephone V.24-, USB-, Ethernet2 - or intern S0-port3 of the telephone system (Mac OS X via V.24 with USB/V.24-Adapter or Ethernet2; Linux via V.24, USB or Ethernet2)
  • Remote reading and query
  • Manual or time-controlled software update via ISDN, with copy function on further COMfortel 2500/2500 AB
  • 1 Busy lamp, hold, line, direct dial and function control keys are features of the programmable control keys. The COMfortel 2500 has 15 keys with 2 possible features for each key (2 levels) and can be broadened with 3 keypad extensions COMfortel Xtension30 to 105 control keys. There are 30 keys with 2 levels provided for each module. 2 With COMpact 5010 VoIP/5020 VoIP and COMmander Basic. 2/Business 3 ISDN-PC-card and CAPI from version 2.0 on necessary. 4 Has to be enabled with costs in the Auerswald Upgrade-centre

Please note:

The above described range of functions can probably only be used in it entirety after a professional installation and establishment of the complete telephone system and the possibly connected PC. We recommend further information from a stockist.An activation of some features from the provider of the network is necessary in order to use certain functions.
The use of the telephone with other than the listed telephone systems or in public telephone networks is not provided.

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