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Vintage tente lego 0674 cib

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In zeer goede staan compleet met doos en boekjes.

Tente was a line of construction toys created in 1972 by EXIN-LINES BROS S.A., a plastics and toy company based in Barcelona, Spain which ceased operation in 1993. Subsequently, the trademark and patents were acquired by EDUCA BORRAS, and as of 2008 the toy line appears to be discontinued.[speculation?] Their later series were no longer compatible with the old system, although some models remained compatible. The toys consisted of multi-colored interlocking plastic bricks in multiple scales and an accompanying array of wheels, minifigures, and various accessories.
Unlike the more popular Lego line of interlocking brick toys, which was a primary competitor to Tente, the Tente line emphasizes commercial and military vehicles of a variety of scales, less confined to the "minifig" scale that dominates Lego building sets. The primary physical difference with Lego bricks is that Tente brick's studs have a small central hole that allow an alternative connection method to accessory pieces. Additionally, although modeled on Lego with nearly identical brick and plate outer dimensions (including the fact that three stacked plates is equivalent in height to one brick), the studs of Tente pieces have a larger diameter than Lego pieces, resulting in them being incompatible.
Hasbro marketed the toys in the United States and Japan. Some of these models are different from those offered in Europe because Exin authorized the creation of new models adapted to the tastes of the alternative markets. In the United States, Tente sets were typically found in specialty toy and model/hobby shops and not major toy retail stores. There is a small but significant aftermarket market for Tente toys on auction sites such as eBay
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