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'POWERHANDLE' maakt lieren en hijsen vederlicht

109 x gezien 0 x bewaard sinds 09 jul. '17, 11:52
€ 135,00


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Conditie : Zo goed als nieuw
Type : Tuigage en Masten
Geschikt voor : Zeilboot of Motorboot


Nieuwprijs € 370,- !!

The moveable winch-booster that makes you three times stronger!
Why is power-handle indispensable on board?
Without power-handle: the choice of winches has always been a compromise of price, performance and quality.
Racing sailors must also take into account the weight of the winch as winches astern often influence the boats center of gravity with resultant loss of speed.
The problems inevitably appear when the wind is freshening.
One simply does not have the strength to sheet home the last part of the genoa or to fully tension the halyards when they stretch or to reef the main sail.
The result is bad trim and reduced boat speed, all to the cost of ultimate pleasure for the family and racing sailor. Furthermore, all sailors who have at some times lost a halyard, or who have made that risky repair up the mast, know what heavy work it is to hoist someone in a bosuns chair or to lift a 15 kg. Anchor.

The solution of the problems is Power-Handle - the movable winch-booster that fits in the standard socket of almost any winch.

Imagine yourself - especially in rising winds - becoming almost three times stronger than you really are, when: sheeting home and fine-tuning the sheets, halyard tensioning, reefing, hoisting the bosuns chair. That's exactly it!
The impossible has become a reality.
With power-handle you can be a real winch-gorilla! And what a saving! Instead of buying new expensive winches you have power-handle which makes your old winches highly efficient without cost and weight of increased gearing!

Voor meer info&specs; arolyth.se
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