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Boiler 55l Surecal motor -,electrische verwarming twincoil

309 x gezien 8 x bewaard sinds 15 aug. '17, 12:14




Conditie : Nieuw
Type : Kombuis en Sanitair
Geschikt voor : Zeilboot of Motorboot


Boiler is over en past niet in nieuwe boot, Let op horizontale montage
Afmetingen  Height 350mm, Width 340mm and Length 975mm

Foto is nog 'library' foto, meer foto's dit weekend 
foto's erbij doos geopend inlc. rvs montage beugels 

Onderstaande tekst is van fabrikant 

Each of the items below is standard fitment to the surecal

55 Twin coil HORIZONTAL

Thermostatic mixer valve on hot outlet.
The calorifier will get as hot as the heat source. A modern engine can get up to 90 degrees centigrade. So the potential of scolding is obviously high. To overcome this the Surecal is fitted with a thermostatic mixer valve. This is a safety device, as it mixes the cold water with hot to temperature between 45-65 degrees.
This will also provide water saving. As you draw water out of the calorifier its been mixed with cold water, thus stopping only hot water been drawn out of the calorifier. I.e. 75% hot water and 25% cold. Saving of 25%.
The hot outlet is ready for compression fittings or plastic plumbing to be connected straight to the calorifier. I.e. john guest, speed fit or acorn HEP2o.
Pressure release valve.
The calorifier is fitted with 4 bar pressure relief valve.
This releases the build up pressure caused by the expansion in the water been heated. This will automatically discharge to the bilges or outside of vehicle.
This can be overcome by fitting an expansion bottle on the hot water side; this acts as a header tank.
Please note the pressure release valve should still be piped to a safe point of discharge.
Connection is ready for compression fittings or plastic plumbing to be connected straight to the calorifier. I.e. john guest, speed fit or acorn HEP20.
Immersion heater.
The standard fitment is a 1 kW 240-volt twin stat immersion heater.
The first stat is the normal working stat with a thermostat to control temperature. The second stat is a manual reset safety device in case of immersion failure and cuts out at 100 degrees.
The heating element is made of incalloy for superior resistance to corrosive elements in water.
Other options include 1.25, 1.5, 2, and 3 kW 240-volt immersions.
1kw 110 volts also available.
Twin Coils and connection.
One coil is where the engine is connected to provide heat to the domestic water. The second is where a Eberspacher or other heat source is can be connected.
The standard connections on the calorifier are 15mm barbed fittings ready for radiator hose on one-coil and 15mm hep20 connections on the second coil.
12,13 and 16mm barbed fittings or plastic plumbing connections available on
Cold inlet and non return valve.
The cold inlet is where cold water fed by a pump is connected. This is designed for compression fittings or plastic plumbing to be connected straight to the calorifier. I.e. john guest, speed fit or acorn HEP20.
There is also a non-return valve built into the cold inlet. This stops backpressure, heat back tracking, and the calorifier draining down in case of a leak else where in the system.

Sure-Cal boilers are tested, completely assembled and made of the finest quality materials, which guarantees the ultimate in performance and reliability. In addition the drop coil technology and finned surface heat exchanger used in the boiler provides unrivalled heat recovery.

The unit is quick and easy to install with full fitting instructions provided.
The boiler is insulated in a polyurethane jacket, which will retain the heat for up to 24 hours after the engine has been switched off.
Surejust calorifiers provide the complete domestic hot water systems for onboard use whatever the size of craft.
The boiler is made of 100% copper; this gives both performance and health benefits. Copper has excellent anti-bacterial qualities. On test, after seven days of immersion in water, 80% of stainless steel and plastics were coated in a bio film, while copper showed little to no bio film. Bio films are harbingers of E-coli 0157 and other microbiological bugs and pose a significant threat to human health.
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