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Tabou Manta 84 - Pro edition full carbon-134 Liter

699 x gezien 20 x bewaard sinds 30 aug. '17, 21:52




Conditie : Gebruikt
Type : Plank
Lengte plank : Minder dan 250 cm
Eigenschappen : Met vin(nen)


Supersnel slalom raceboardje .
Nieuwprijs was meer dan €2000 !!

Geschikt voor de grotere zeilmaten, tevens heb ik een super Vandal 8,8 zeil te koop , eventueel kompleet met mast en giek !!

When it comes to be the fastest, the manta board gives no mercy. Top speed on the straights, explosive acceleration out of the jibe and perfect control under all circumstances are the outstanding features of the State of the Art Slalom boards. No matter where the Tabou Pro Team starts, his goal is to always win. With the ultra-lightweight and extremely stiff Team Pro Boards they have the right tools for the toughest competition. For the same reason, even your buddies should get used to the idea that second place is as close as they will get to you.
The 85, 81 and 71 are completely new developments, new rockers, new outline, new underwater hull and new decks. The team is excited, these are the fastest Boards they have ever had under their feet. On the 85, we have experimented a lot with the outline. We had a few prototypes with very narrow tail that were very fast. However, the rear strap was positioned so far inside that they could no longer stand relaxed. So we came up with the idea to hold the tail up wide, but keep the bottom with two bevels quite narrow. At the same time the new shapes have similar rockers like last years new 79er. Together with the new V-curve in the tail and in the nose we get very smooth running boards which plane extremely early. In addition, we have increased the volume in the tail for more speed out of the jibe, which is extremely important to get free wind. All boards have a huge range, start to plane extremely early and can be used in high wind without loosing control. Mission accomplished.
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