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Professional Photon Skin Care System

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  • Professional Photon Skin Care System


4 Colors LED Photon Skin Rejuvenation Lithium-ion 48 LEDs Beauty Skin Lifting Wrinkle Removal

LED Bio-Wave Skin Care System is a patented design and developed by doctors and engineers. This luxury device is an absolute technological innovation with a revolutionary design. It is designed to effectively fight the most common esthetic problems: skin relaxation, pock, stretch marks, acne, and aging.
Unlike some pulsed laser treatments that work as a result of the body's response to controlled damage, Photon Beauty stimulates natural processes to rejuvenate skin and help counteract the effects of aging and enhance and prolong the effects of skin care products.
This device is designed as a plug-in for extended use, and have interchangeable LED heads for maximum flexibility.


Bio Red Light: (Wavelength 625±3nm , 48 LEDS): Brightens and evens the skin tone. Proliferates collagen protein and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tightens, firms and repairs damaged skin. An excellent repairing and anti-aging treatment.

Bio Blue Light:
(Wavelength 465±3nm, 48 LEDS): Kills bacterium from within the skin while diminishing inflammation and preventing acne and breakouts.

Bio Green Light:
(Wavelength 525±3nm, 48 LEDS): Calms and balances the skin tone. This can help break down and prevent uneven melanin (pigment) production. An excellent treatment that leaves the skin even and bright, while calming the skin and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system.

Bio Yellow light:
(Wavelength: 592 nm, 48 LEDS) Relieves irritation and aims to enhance the immunity within the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system to rid the skin of toxins and increase circulation. This treatment is best for swollen and sensitive skin.
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