AKAI DD-8 Recorder

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Akai dd8 recorder € 249,00

DD8 modular 8-track magneto/optical dubber the DD8 is a magneto/optical-based, random-access digital film dubber designed as a plug-and-play replacement for the DA-88. It features virtually instant locating, convenient removable media, flexible i/o and remote control options, and data compatibility with the akai DD1500 recorder/editor. And it syncs to everything. Forward and reverse. At any speed. Check out these features: a random-access, magneto/optical-based digital recorder specifically designed as a film dubber record to and play from 2.6Gb mo disks or removable hard disks plug-and-play replacement for the Tascam DA88 direct data compatibility with the DD1500 mo recorder/editor uncompressed 16-bit linear data format flexible i/o formats and extensive synchronization options extremely high quality scrubbing designed for ease-of-use on the dubbing stage virtually instantaneous locating to any point -- no waiting for tape windingdedicated track slip and event/region nudge buttons punch-in recording with track select keys or via gpio parallel interface operating system in flash rom for instant boot-up and easy updates pre-read outputs undo/redo new features direct playback of omf files from daw systems such as digidesign protools, avid audiovision, and avid mediacomposer
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