loud cows

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now, water in porous aquifers slowly seeps through pore spaces between sand grains. cattle make noises if they are hungry or stressed. Calves separated from their mothers will bellow when they want to be fed, and the sound of calling calves stimulates milk production in cows. Cattle that are yarded for the first time sometimes make bellowing noises, as they are fearful of a new situation.

Cows Mooing * 1. 00’24” * 2. 00’32” * 3. 01’14” * 4. 00’50” * 5. 00’58” * 6. 01’20” Cenote * 7. 02’16” * 8. 02’08” The Death of the Moth and Other Essays (1942) * 9. 07’38” (we have one tiny BBC recording: about ninety seconds of Virginia Woolf*s voice reading a little essay. But in it you hear an invaluable hint of the rhythm that she said was where all the words began for her, the mysterious rhythm of her own voice)

Collected and edited by Qihang Li.
Live version played during a neck massage service Sex with a mantis ends in dinner.
Produced for Table of Futile Evenings, part of the course Aquarium.
July 2, 2022 Evenings
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