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Hi, we are graduated of Chinese therapeutic massage, known as Tuina, which is one of the five fundamental pillars on which traditional chinese medicine is based and we wish we could help you. Sometimes we have discomfort in the body that with a massage can disappear, in this massage no creams, no oil are used so it is more effective to contact the fingertips with the skin in the affected areas, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs. You can choose 1 hour, 1.5 Hour or 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I massage 4-hands massage (2 dames) but for the moment my colleague that is a Chinese therapist is giving 2-hands massage (1 dame) for that we are offering now just 2-hands massage. It is my pleasure that you will be satisfied with our work !!! We give massages starting at 10:00am until 6:30pm let us know if you are interested. We only answer messages via Telegram app. The clients contact us on Telegram app. and can find us like Tuina_Massage you, can download Telegram from Playstore if you have Android or Appstore if you have Iphone. Thank you very much and it will be a pleasure for us to help!

2-hands massage(1dame)1uur. 60 Min=60eur
2-hands massage(1dame)1.5uur.
2-hands massage(1dame)2uur. 120 Min=125eur

Contact us on Telegram App or you can copy this link in your web browser and open a chat with us:

If you make an appointment and decide to cancel, let us know 24 hours before not in the same day that you have your appointment. Otherwise we will cancel the appointment and you will have to pay a tax for this via Tikkie.

Please, don’t bother me with questions about hp, happy end, erotic massage or body to body. I don't do it
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