Massage Den Haag Relaxing/Pain stress relieve

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TypeOntspanningsmassage, Sportmassage, Overige massages


Reservation time: Mon-Sun 10:30-20:00
Open: Mon-Sat: 11:00-21:00
Appointment: 0651485545 by text/whatsapp/call
10% discount code: I ASK FOR LAN AS MY THEROPIST
location: Scheveningen
We offer a range of relaxing and personalized therapeutic massages.
We are specialized for remove pain, stress and help with your health rebalance and health maintenance.

We are from China and have trained in many traditional Chinese medical technique, includ TCM techniques and special techniques where we learned passing down from family. 

If you are looking for real marvelous relaxation, then we are the answer to you. We enjoy meeting new people and helping them to find their deep state of relaxation both in their body and mind from this kind of rapid, busy and stressful lifestyle.

Please note that We do not offer erotic massage.

Soft Relaxing Massage (Partial/full body) 60/90 minutes: 50/76.5 €
Hard/firm Pain relieving Massage(TCM Massage) (Partial/full body) 60/90 minutes: 60/90€
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