L5R Dynasty Pack: The Temptation of the Scorpion - NIEUW!!!

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Nieuw en nooit geopend!!!

“You shall never again set foot in Rokugan.”
–Yogo Junzo
New crises strain the Emerald Empire to its breaking point, and every Great Clan will be tempted and tested—but perhaps none will be more tested than the Scorpion Clan. The survival of the Emerald Empire hangs in the balance, as does the heart of the Scorpion. Will they, and the rest of Rokugan, succumb to the rising darkness?
The Temptation of the Scorpion follows the pattern of the Temptations cycle, as new dire abilities force every clan to carefully consider how to invest fate in their characters. Will you take advantage of new Shadowlands creatures and Mahō blood magic to taint your deck, or will you rise above these temptations to pursue a path of righteousness?
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