DBX 162SL Purple Series Compressor

€ 1.190,00
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DBX 162SL Compressor Limiter € 1.190,00

The 162SL combines the best features of all the great dbx compressors, and gives you more versatile performance than ever before.

In addition to having the auto attack and release as well as the hard knee threshold characteristics of the classic dbx 160, the 162SL offers AutoVelocity manual mode, in addition to the classic dbx OverEasy mode.


- Super fast manual attack and release
- High-Drive Jensen® output transformers
- Hard-knee/OverEasy switchable
- Ultra-low distortion compression for unheard of clarity even under - extreme gain reduction
- Program-dependent "Auto," Patent-pending AutoVelocity Manual, or fully variable attack and release modes
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