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Schrijf je nu in voor de nieuwe leveringen!!!
U bent dan de eerste die hem heeft!!


Korg PA5X 61 toetsen versie 

Korg PA5x Main FeaturesNumber of Keys
Pa5X 61: 61 keys (C2 – C7) Semi–weighted keys with Aftertouch
Pa5X 76: 76 keys (E1 – G7) Semi–weighted keys with Aftertouch
Pa5X 88: 88 keys (A0 – C8) Hammer action with AftertouchSound Source
Upgradable Operating System
Sound Generator: EDS-XP (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-Expanded)Polyphony
160 Voices, 160 OscillatorsSounds
More than 2,200 Factory Sounds
Five multilayer Stereo Acoustic Pianos with Damper/Body Resonance
GM/XG Sound Sets
More than 130 Drum Kits including Ambient Drums and Round Robin-based Drum Kits
User Area: 768 Sounds, 384 Drum Kits
Digital Drawbars: 9 Footages, Percussion, Key On/Off, Leakage, Vibrato/Chorus, Rotary Speaker with Amp Simulator
Quick and Full Sound Editing, Drum Family and Full Drum Kit Editing
500 Factory Sets (Similar to Registrations)Rhythms
More than 600 Factory Styles, freely programmable
Eight Style Tracks, 4 Keyboard Sets and 4 Pads per Style
Style Elements: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, 1 Break, 3 EndingsRecording/ Playback
Full-featured, 16-track Sequencer, Song Edit
Supported formats: MID, KAR, MP3 + Lyrics, MP3+G
Lyrics, Score, and Chord data can be displayed on screen, or monitor
Jukebox function
Double MP3 Player and MP3 Recorder
Records MP3 files, including Styles, MIDI Songs, MP3 Songs, Keyboard Sounds, Pads, Matrix, Microphone, Guitar, Effects
Transpose (+6/-5 semitones), Tempo Change (±30%)
Vocal RemoverInternal Memory
Internal Drive: 1 GBExpandability
Micro SD Card (not included)
USB Flash Drive (not included)Other Notable Features
Case: Aluminum case with wooden side panels
Crossfade with X-Fader Balance control between Songs and/or Styles
Song Book: Fully programmable based on Styles, Songs, with Artist and Genre tags
Compatibility: Legacy Pa-Series models: Styles, Keyboard Sets (Performances), Sounds (Programs), Songs, Pads
Factory: More than 400 Pads
16 Matrix Pads, 4 Preset buttons
Scale Controls: On-screen Quarter Tone and Arabic Scale, memorized & assignable to any button or footswitch
Displat Screen: 8” Wide capacitive color TouchView™ TFT, 800 x 600 resolution
Microphone: Technology by Shift Audio: Compressor, EQ, Gate, Four-part Harmonizer, Doubler, Filter, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, AutoPitchParts
3 Part Upper Layer
1 Part Lower LayerBluetooth
NoChord Looper
User PCM Sample memory:
4 GB of data, equivalent to 8 GB linear when compressed
Loads KORG, WAV, AIFF and SoundFont™ formats
Saves KORG, WAV and AIFF formats
Full Edit, Time Slice, Sampling featuresPitch Bend, Modulation
Joystick (Pitch + Modulation), Ribbon, 3 Assignable SwitchesControl Knobs
9 Assignable Sliders, 9 Assignable Buttons, Strip Display; 4 Preset + 1 User settings
Master Volume, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Dial, Up/+, Down/-Inputs/Outputs
Mic: Mono with Gain control and Phantom Power (Combo XLR, balanced)
Guitar: Mono with Gain control (1/4"" jack, unbalanced)
Line 1: Left/Right (1/4"" jacks, balanced)
Line 2: Stereo (1/8"" mini-jack, unbalanced)
Line: Main Left/Right, Separate Outs 1/2/3/4 (1/4"" jacks, balanced) Headphones (1/4"" jack)
HDMI connector
IN, OUT, THRU standard MIDI connectors
USB to MIDI, through the USB Device port
USB Type A: 1 front, 2 rear
Type B: 1 rear
PaAS (optional): 980 x 180 x 140 mmIncluded Accessories
AC Power Cable, Music Stand, Quick Guide manualDimensions
Pa5X-88: 1,262.0 x 396.4 x 146.0 mm
Pa5X-76: 1,233.1 x 374.3 x 126.8 mm
Pa5X-61: 1,021.1 x 374.3 x 126.8 mmWeight
Pa5X-88: 20.1 kg
Pa5X-76: 17.4 kg
Pa5X-61: 15.1 kg

Muziekhuis Da Capo is al jaren een begrip in Noord Nederland. Wij bieden een groot assortiment aan keyboards, digitale piano's, gitaren, accordeons en geluidsapparatuur. Alle gebruikte producten zijn in onze showroom uitgebreid te testen.

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9312 PC NietapT: 0594 . 51 37 76
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