Roland JV-2080 synth (2,158 presets)

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2,158 selectable presets.

Including (book) user manual.

Empty battery: user presets can not be stored (without replacing the 9V battery, soldering). Front panel condition is excellent, the synth is working fine. 
Synthesizer is only sold complete with all expansion boards.
Short demonstration of sounds with headphones is possible
to show that the synthesizer is working. 

Perfect for live playing (MIDI keyboard required)
and very well usable for music projects,
comes with a big lot of sound presets and waveforms.  For music production I use computer VST plugins, so I do not use this hardware synthesizer recorded anymore. Have used it many times, still very usable for modern music.  The JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module expands upon the worldwide success of Roland's JV-1080 by offering eight expansion board slots, three independent EFX sets and dramatically enhanced ease-of-use.
  • Accommodates up to 8 user-installable sound expansion boards, allowing access to approximately 2,900 patches when fully expanded
  • 768 internal patches; 16MB of wave data expandable to 144MB (16-bit linear format)
  • Large 320 x 80 dot graphic backlit LCD for dramatically enhanced ease-of-use
  • Innovative Patch Finder function groups similar patches from internal banks, expansion boards and memory data cards together
  • Phrase Preview function allows users to hear patches within the context of a musical phrase by pressing volume knob; no keyboard needed
  • 3 onboard EFX sets with 40 effects each
  • Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the XV-5080 128-Voice Synthesizer/Sample Playback Module.

SR-JV80-07 Super Sound Set

The SR-JV80-07 Super Sound Set features an impressive variety of sounds from several different genres of music - plus technical and mechanical sounds which are idiosyncratic of particular instruments - making it a great addition to any musician's sonic arsenal.
  • Adds 255 high-quality waveforms, 255 patches and 8 rhythm sets
  • Sounds range from rock and pop to baroque and traditional music, such as harpsichord, accordian, fiddle and banjo

SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II

The SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II wave expansion board offers an all-new collection of high-quality orchestral sounds including stunning new string, brass, wind and other orchestral sounds, as well as Celtic instrument samples - great for film scores and television commercials.
  • Adds 100 waveforms and 200 Patches
  • Contains a wide variety of useful sounds, including stereo string sounds, brass, wind instruments, percussion, ensemble, breath noise and more
  • New Celtic instrument sounds including Bosouki, Uillean Pipe, Bodhran, and Clarsah Harp

SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop Collection

The Hip-Hop Collection offers a wealth of fresh sounds and instruments for producing Hip-Hop and R&B. Over 40 cutting-edge phrase/rhythm loops are also included for quick song creation.
  • Adds 256 patches and 8 full rhythm sets
  • Over 40 cutting-edge rhythm loops for quick song creation
  • Hip-Hop instrument sounds include drums, bass and keyboards
  • Includes a variety of "Lo-fi" sounds, human beat box sounds, vocal sounds and sound effects

SR-JV80-11 Techno Collection

The Techno Collection features cutting-edge drum, synth and effects sounds meticulously collected from sources ranging from classic Roland synths to visionary young techno music pioneers. A must for dance music producers!
  • Adds 255 waveforms, over 200 patches and 8 full rhythm sets
  • Classic Roland drum and synth sounds (TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, etc.), plus effected/distorted bass, synth and rhythm sounds
  • Sound effects include noise, hits and industrial sounds
  • Cutting-edge phrase loops can be sync'd to MIDI clock

SR-JV80-01 Pop

The SR-JV80-01 Pop expansion board includes sounds ranging from drums and percussion to keyboards, bass and guitars - making it perfect for pop, rock, fusion and jazz music.
  • Adds 224 high-quality waveforms and 145 patches ideal for pop music
  • Includes rhythm sections, keyboards, bass, guitar, strings, brass, synth patches and more

SR-JV80-05 World

The SR-JV80-05 World expansion board offers an extensive collection of ethnic instruments from around the globe. Many of the unique instrument samples include numerous playing techniques, as well as looped performances and rhythmic patterns.
  • Adds 255 high-quality waveforms, 255 patches and 1 rhythm set
  • Instruments include bagpipes, quena, kayakcom, tablabaya and more .. 

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