2020 Canada - 100 years Mounted Police - 2 oz silver

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2020 Canada - Mounted Police - 2 oz .9999 silver

Prachtige munt ter gelegenheid van het 100 jarig jubileum van de Mounted Police te Canada. Op de achterzijde niet Queen Elizabeth II maar King George V (ten tijde van oprichting mounted police was hij koning van Engeland).

Mooie, dikke munt in capsule. Topstaat, geen krassen of vlekken.

"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or “Mounties” as they are affectionately known, stand as the National symbol of sovereign authority throughout the Great nation of Canada. Initially conceptualized as the Northwest Mounted Police, by Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, the primary role of the Mountie was to patrol the newly acquired North West Territories and maintain law and order. As an initial force of only 100 to 150 riflemen, the mounted officers distinguished themselves for their effectiveness and their duties soon extended to national counterintelligence and immigration matters. Today, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are tasked with the particular national security of all three territories and eight of the ten provinces. They also work in close conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Surete du Quebec, and have National Jurisdiction as peace officers.
On the reverse side, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer sits straddling a horse, as he proudly hoists the regiment flag or Guidon upon a lance. Meticulous attention to detail is applied, as the distinctive features of the Mountie; his high collared tunic, Montana creased campaign hat, and spurred boots are all illustrated concisely. Radial lines are utilized throughout the field of the reverse. A micro-engraved maple leaf adorned with the coin’s year of issue lies in the top right quadrant of the coins field as an added security feature, while the coins 9999 purity rests in on the bottom left. The Nation, year of conception and issue, and weight all encapsulate the image.
Held on the obverse, is the effigy of King George V designed by Sir E. B Mackennal with stunning detail. A Latin inscription rests above the ruler’s head, while the coins $10 denominational value rests below. Once again radial lines feature throughout the obverses field."

Prijs = 95 euro

Alle aangeboden muntjes zijn gegarandeerd echt !
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