Big Game Alutecnos Large Arbor SaltWater Fly Reels 6-8-10-12

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Big Game Alutecnos SaltWater Large Arbor Fly Reels 6, 8, 10, 12 Weight Nieuw.
Made in Italy.
The Alutecnos Large Arbor Salt Water Fly Reels have all the qualities that make it the top line fly reel.

Alutecnos is an Italian marine engineering company and a manufacturer of conventional big game fishing reels.
Mention its name to any serious big game angler in any part of the world and you’ll get a knowing nod of approval.
The Alutecnos reels are well recognised for their design excellence and top quality engineering and performance.
What is perhaps not so well known that Alutecnos also makes a superb range of fly reels to the very same high standards.
They can be used in fresh or salt water, and compare with the very best of the high-end reels from the UK and USA selling for much higher prices.
The reels are machined from 6082 marine grade bar stock aluminium which is in fact denser and stronger than the 6061 grade used by so many of the top manufacturers.
The reels feature three shielded stainless steel bearings as well as one free wheel bearing which is uni-directional and serves as the clutch and means you get instant drag with no slop before the drag engages.
The reel can be easily switched from left hand to right hand turn, by simply turning the gear over which has drag surfaces and a clicker plunger on both sides of the gear. The drag adjustment wheel is mounted on the solid reel back-plate and is easy to operate and set quickly and accurately.
The reel comes fitted with cork drag-plates which offer a very strong drag, but also with a extra spare set of carbon-fibre plates which produce a very smooth drag. So yes, Alutecnos give you the choice and changing from one set of plates to the other is a very simple process taking less than a couple of minutes!
The reels are silent when winding in and produce a very pleasant deep click sound when line is being taken. The anodised finish is absolutely top quality and is available in different colours.

Models range in line weight from 6, 8, 10, 12, and come with Neoprene padded case.

Three stainless steel shielded bearings.
One free wheel bearing
Elements in anticorodal 6082 aluminium.
Fixing elements in AISI 316 stainless steel.
Main shaft in stainless steel entirely CNC machined from bars.
Laser printed graphics.
Speed interchangeability spool.
Easily switched from left hand to right hand turn.

60 DIRECT DRIVE 138m 20 LBS MICRON WF6F 212g (Model SFR060XD) Diameter 80mm.
Color 1x Black en 1x Silver. Kost normaal 360,00 euro mag weg voor 175,00 euro.
80 DIRECT DRIVE 183m 20 LBS MICRON WF8F 232g (Model SFR080XD) Diameter 90mm.
Color 1x Black en 1x Silver. Kost normaal 410,00 euro mag weg voor 200,00 euro.
100 DIRECT DRIVE 183m 30 LBS MICRON WF10F 269g (Model SFR100XD) Diameter 100mm.
Color 1x Black en 1x Gold. Kost normaal 490,00 euro mag weg voor 225,00 euro.
120 DIRECT DRIVE 275m 30 LBS MICRON WF12F 310g (Model SFR120XD) Diameter 120mm.
1x Gold. 1x Blue. 1x Black. 1x Silver. Kost normaal 545,00 euro mag weg voor 250,00 euro.

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