Shimano Ocea Sardine Waver Slow Jig 130g 12cm Nieuw.

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Shimano Ocea Sardine Waver Slow Jig 130g 12cm Nieuw.

One of Shimano's latest masterpieces. By making this bait they create not just a slow jig. Due to its shape and weight, Sardine Waver allows a combination of different game styles with varying intensity and amplitude. The change in any of these actions creates a very realistic picture of a frightened, misguided fish that panicky tries to escape. It is these moments that provoke the sea predators to come out of the dark depths and attack the "easy" prey. Since the bait does almost everything alone, it is perfectly suited for both beginners and advanced fishermen. The main mechanism of control is the speed of the action.The bait attracts attention from a distance and marine predators such as Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, and others will be enchanted by this delicious small, but deadly bite.

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