Zenderset pistoolzender RC4GS V2 4-channel radio with R6F...

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Zenderset pistoolzender RC4GS V2 4-channel radio with R6FG gyro integrated Receiver

Technische specificaties


    Return Real-time Model Battery Voltage

    Capable of real-time transmission of RSSI, receiver/model battery voltage. The RSSI value and receiver voltage will be displayed once the binding complété between transmitter and receiver.Model voltage can be displayed by connecting the battery to BAT (positive/negative pins) without extra backhaul module needed while the real-time maximum voltage can be up to 6S battery.To support the two-way transmission function, the corresponding latest firmware needs to be flashed.

    Subsidiary ID

    Capable of designating a subsidiary ID among multiple binding receivers to meet spécial need such as long-distance rescue with model cars/ boats.There can be totally 10 subsidiary ID stored.

    Configuration Upgrade
    RC4GS, with transmitter chip STM32F103RB, the computing speed is much faster than RC3S and RC4G which with chip N572F072.
    The chip of R6FG/R6F is 32 bits industrial chip, is much better than the 8 bits chip which use for RC3S and RC4G. 12ms only from transmitter to the receiver, thus provide control synchronous and performance perfect.

    Communication Upgrade
    With the same FHSS spread spectrum and 67 channels pseudo random frequency sequence hopping of AT9S makes RC4GS hâve superior anti-interference ability both at the same frequency band and different frequency bands. Ground control distance is up to 400 meters.

    Programmable Dual Mix Control

    4 channels totally. Every two channels can be mix programmée).
    The latest firmware of RC4GS(V4_0_0) is sup-portprogrammable dual mix control setup,both PMIX01 and PMIX02 can be setup every two channels mix programmed. Twin-engine boats or cars such as crawler easily setup the mix control and change the parameters. Enjoy your RC time.

    Operating As You Want

    Receiver with gyro integrated to hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive accélération and braking or get bumped around by rough terrain.
    Receiver with gyro integrated to keep the uni-direction and anti-slip.

    Gyro Sensitivity Self-setting

    Gyro sensitivity can be adjust by CH3 which default controlled by VR switch to maximize or minimize the functions of gyro.

    HV Servo Supported

    Receiver R6FG/R6F support FIV servo which up to 10V. R6FG/R6F also compatible with transmitters RC3S, RC4G and T8FB.

    USB Upgrade

    Same as AT10II, upgrade firmware by an android USB cable helps RC4GS always keep the most advanced System and program.

    Anti-polarity Connect Protection

    RC4GS, with unique anti-polarity connect protection intelligent, will not damage transmitter or receiver even connect anti-polarity with a long time. Universal JST battery connector supports multiple batteries, include 6pcs AA batteries or 2S-4S LiPo battery.

    Fail Safe Self-setting

    Fail safe can be setup from CH1 to CH4 and fail safe parameters can be setup as you need.

    Programmable features

    • EPA (End Point Adjuster) : Correct the maximum steering angle for left and right steenng angles when there is a difference in the turning radius due to the characteristics.
    • THSPD (Throttle Speed) : Setting the throttle speed function reduces wasteful battery consumption while at the same time permitting smooth, enjoyable operation.
    • D/R (Steering Dual Rate/ Throttle Dual Rate) : The steering left and right servo travels are adjusted simultaneously.
    • THEXP (Throttle EXP) : Make the throttle high side and brake side direction servo operation quicker or milder.
    • STEXP (Steering EXP) : Change the sensitivity of the steering servo around the neutral position.
      It has no effect on the maximum servo travel.
    • STSPD (Steering Speed) : Quick steering operation will cause momentary understeering, loss of speed, or spinning. This function is effective in such cases.
    • ACCEL (Throttle Acceleration) : Throttle acceleration simply "jumps” away from neutral and then leaves the remaining response linear.
    • IDLUP (Idle-Up) : improve engine starting performance by raising the idling speed when starting the engine of a gasoline car (boat).
    • REV (Servo Reverse) : Reverse the direction of operation of the servos related to transmitter steering, throttle, and channel 3 /4 operation.
    • A.B.S. (A.B.S. Function) : The generation of understeer can be eliminated and corners can be smoothly cleared by using this function.
    • ATL (ATL Function) : Decrease the set value when the braking effect is strong and increase the set value when the brake effect is weak.

    • Size:
      • RC4GS - 213x117x115.5mm,
      • R6FG - 35x20x13mm
    • The size of battery box(L*W*H):89*59*18mm
    • Channel: 4 Model: cars, boats, robot
    • Modulation mode: GFSK
    • Spread spectrum: FHSS 67 channels pseudo random
    • frequency sequence hopping
    • 10 modes memory storage
    • Antenna length: 106mm
    • Control distance: more than 400 meters ground
    • LCD screen: 128*64 resolution, LCD back light
    • Transmitter operating voltage: 4.8-15.0V DC, 6*1.5AA or 2S-4S Lithium battery
    • Transmitter operating current: 80-120mA
    • Receiver operating voltage: 4.8-10V
    • Receiver operating current: 30mA
    • RF power: <20dbm
    • Low voltage alert: Yes (lower than 4.6V), can be set when using 2S-4S Li-Po battery
    • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
    • Channel resolution: 4096, the regular jitter is 0.5us
    • Compatible Receiver: R6FG(Std), R6F,R7FG,R8F,R8EF, R8FM,R4FGM
    Inhoud kit
    • RC4GS transmitter
    • R6FG receiver
    • User manual
    • Fabrikant : Radiolink

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