4x Ozone harnas paragliding, soaren, paramotor (demo)

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We hebben 4 nieuwe (demo) harnassen van Ozone op voorraad, perfect voor soaren, paragliding of groundhandelen.

Het zijn allemaal split-leg harnassen waardoor je heel makkelijk wisselt tussen zitten en lopen.

2x Harnas Ozone Oxigen1 (maat M en L) foto 1-6
- omkeerharnas (reversible)
- splitleg
- maat m of L (vanaf 1,85m maat L)
- weegt 1,3 kg

PRIJS 399,00 euro

The Oxygen1 Harness was designed with comfort in mind. Comfort while flying, and also while hiking. At just 1.3kg, it is light for a harness and bag combination, but features generously padded leg and back support, full adjustments, and a comfortably sized storage compartment.

Instead of having all of the leg straps permanently sewn to save a few grams, which can result in a nightmare on launch if you are trying to get into it with crampons or boots on, we have chosen light weight aluminum plate buckles with colour coordinated leg straps for easy and safe identification. The padding on the back and inside the legs makes the Oxygen1 the lightweight harness that you can fly comfortably for hours. After all, if the wing is soarable, the harness should be as well!




1x OZO2 reversible (maat M) foto 11-15

- omkeerharnas (reversible)
- splitleg
- maat m 
- weegt 570 gram

Prijs 339,00

The Ultra-lightest Reversible Harness

Our lightest reversible harness, the OZO 2 provides an incredible amount of comfort & versatility for its 570 gram total weight.

Ultralight yet supportive EVA foam provides structure and padding for the legs and a generous lumbar load support and adjustable shoulder straps make this harness comfortable enough for soaring sessions and longer hike & fly descents. With three sizes available, the Ozo 2 covers a wide range of pilot sizes with ideal fit.

A lightweight speed bar is included and the detachable leg-straps allow easy gear-up on launch.

In backpack mode, the Ozo 2 is designed for speedy and comfortable ascents. Inspired by trail-running packs, the wide & breathable shoulder straps spread the load comfortably with solid support and allow carriage of two easily accessible water bottles.

You'll find plenty of storage available - multiple exterior pockets and a removable helmet stow system allow you to bring everything you need whether you're going for a quick trail-run or on a longer hike & fly mission.

The 30 Liter volume fits all sizes of the Ultralite and XXLite wings, and all similar wings in the class.

In accordance with our mission to increase the sustainability of all Ozone products, the Ozo 2 is made with certified Bluesign & OEKO-TEX ripstop fabric.

1x OZO2-N (NAKED) The Lightweight Non-Reversible Option

- splitleg
- maat m 
- weegt 270 gram

Prijs 239,00

For pilots seeking a more robust non-reversible ultralight harness than the F*LITE series, the OZO2-N has what you need. It is simply a "naked" OZO, without the backpack.

Weighing in at only 270g in the M size, the OZO2-N is perfect for hike & fly pilots who ascend using their own technical mountain backpack. 


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