Volkswagen VW T3. Wij zijn het enige bedrijf!

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TypeOnderhoudsbeurt, Apk-keuring, Bandenservice, Overige werkzaamheden
ServiceGarantie, Mobiele service


VW Volkswagen T3 Specialiteiten.
T3. Restauratie,
T3. Inspecties,
T3. Reparaties,
T3. APK,
T3. Adviseren en
T3. Verkoop.
T3. veiligheid. (Brand etc).
T3. Alleen, elk type.

What we can say is that we are the only company in the Benelux that is totally dedicated to the T3, all of them. A T3, you have found the right company.......

APK needed?, poor or noisy gearbox, engine, service, a holiday check up, an inspection, actually anything you can dream of T3, I hope we have the answer and the solutions. That's all we do. 
We also are agents for Bear Lock security. Simply, Effective.
Also BlazeCut. Fires happen in T3's... don't get caught. 

We enter our 16th year in Amsterdam and there is never a shortage of T3's at our Garage.... come and enjoy.

Dream & Drive. Why us?

  • Personal one to one service.
  • English/dutch engineers, but not foreign.
  • We offer the best quality T3 service anywhere in the Benelux. We are Passionate about what we do, with LOVE.
  • Good value, sensible money, no risks.
  • What you see, is what you get.
  • Open workshop, welcome visitors.
  • You can build your engine along side us if you wish.
  • Teaching Facilites for you to learn. 
  • Schroom niet te antwoorden in het nederlands

  • Dream and Drive Amsterdam. (Come and see us!)
  • MsOslofjordweg 20, 1033sm
  • Monday to Friday, 10.00-17.30
  • Saturday, 10-16.00 (in season) or by appointment.
Advertentienummer: a1487964806